About us

Jewels Leading Lights Academy is a Christian school which started off in September 2013 and was birth from the Bible club where children gather every Saturday to learn about Jesus and how to shine as lights in their everyday lives.

It was imperative to set up a learning environment that can breed a new generation which will be Christ centered and also posses the kind of higher-order thinking and problem-solving abilities that will be needed in the 21st century. We noticed that it is evident that schools are failing to produce future generations with Godly character and even the kind of minds that will create new knowledge in the natural, physical and social sciences.


To be among the top schools to lead holistic, inclusive, and innovative education that is based on the testament of Christ in Africa.


To offer world class teachings marked with Godliness, discovery, creativity, excellence and leadership so that, the children can make a distinctive positive impact in their generations and beyond.

Our Core Values

Christ Centeredness, Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Service.