In JLLA we help children begin the move towards an increasingly sophisticated national, international, global and intercultural perspective and develop a sense of ‘global mindedness’. Our curriculum encourages learning in a way that enables children to develop those qualities that will empower them to be at ease with the continually changing context of their lives.

Jewels Leading Lights Academy Grade SchoolWe strive to carry out across the different subjects, learning-focused activities that help children start developing a global awareness and gain an increasing sense of themselves, their community and the world around them, as well as inspiring positive action and engagement with global issues.

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It is also our goal that our parents take pride in our school and has confidence in the education that their children are receiving.  In the last few years, students’ achievement have greatly increased. Some major focuses have been to develop a love for reading in every child and to increase their reading level and comprehension, to increase their ability to solve real-world mathematics problems, to give them realistic and hands-on science and social studies experiences, and to increase their exposure to and mastery of technology experiences.  While students are privileged to experience top- notch classroom experiences, we make sure that they have fun while they are here too. 

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We reward them for their behavior and academic successes.   At Jewels Leading Lights Academy, we envision responsible and respectful students who are committed to success in all that they do; we envision ethical and effective teachers who collaboratively design engaging learning experiences for all students; and we envision productive partnerships with parents and the community.

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