We engage children in various stimulating mental and physical activities from story time, construction, arts and crafts to sing-alongs and basic games. Our montessori materials help achieve these developmental goals.

Here, we encourage, assist, and train them on toileting and self help skills.They learn to improve their sensory and motor skills, language skill, social skill, a setting where the kids are made to learn in a fun loving way.Our preschool pupils through the learning and teaching process have made their absorbent mind a fertile ground. This has resulted in the excellent performances recorded so far.

Young children begin to express themselves through language and communication. Short stories with props, singing, movement and dance all play a large part in the nursery day. Positive relationships with familiar practitioners provide a secure base from which to develop further. Relationships with families remain vital as the young child is nurtured and helped to understand and manage their emotions. Your child will enjoy their experiences with us.