Preparing for Remote Learning


Parents: We are actively working on plans for remote learning (learning from home). Here are some things you can do right now to help us prepare for this:


  • Make sure you know how to log in to the FACTS Family Portal (also called ParentsWeb). This is where assignments for students in grades 1-6, year 7-12 are, and will continue to be, posted. We may also begin using this platform for students in younger grades.
    • You can access the Family Portal by visiting the portal
    • The District Code is RS-IL.
    • If you need help with your username and/or password, contact the  Admin (


  • Check your email regularly. Administration and teachers will email information, and in some cases, home assignments will be emailed (especially for younger grades).


  • Ask your student to show you that they know how to log into their G Suite, or Google, account. All students in grades 1-12 have such accounts, with various levels of access to G Suite tools.
    • You can start the login from,, or
    • The username is the student’s registration number which starts with JLLA
    • If your student has trouble logging in, contact their classroom teacher or busniness support  (


  • Your student likely has logins to other tools, so consider asking them to show you that they can log in to those tools as well. This may include  IXL, and ABC mouse and others.


  • Many of our teachers will be using Google Classroom to post assignments.* You may receive an email from your child’s teacher with an invitation to receive guardian email updates from Google Classroom. More details here.


  • Ask your learner to bring home learning materials each day, just in case. Depending on the grade, this may include:
    • laptop or Chromebook, plus charger
    • textbooks
    • books for reading
    • other school supplies


  • If you don’t have one already, set up a place at home where your student might be able to participate in remote learning, and to work on home assignments. Ideally, this is a quiet, clutter-free place away from distractions such as toys, games, and TV screens.


  • If possible, think about setting up a schedule for your student on remote learning days. Some of this time should be dedicated to physical activity, as well as to remote assignments. We will try to provide guidance on how long students should spend on each subject once we start full remote learning.



* What’s the difference between the Family Portal and Google Classroom?

The FACTS Family Portal (ParentsWeb) is the place where we require all faculty for all classes in grades 5-12 to post lesson plans (what will be done in class) and homework (what is expected to be done at home). It is a low-tech platform that is usually used to simply list what work is assigned. Google Classroom is used by many of our faculty, though not required. It is a tool where teachers can not only list what work is assigned, but also send out actual worksheets, templates, links, and other resources directly to students. Students also use the platform to turn in work to their teachers.


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